Monday, 26 July 2010

51 rue Sedaine, Paris, 75011, France

Want to get involved in Paris Correspondence School?

Post me a modified, altered, new or messaged postcard between 1st August and 23rd August 2010 to

51 rue Sedaine, Paris, 75011, France

Please let me know who you are too by either writing your name and contact email on the postcard or by emailing me details of you and your card to

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Details coming soon..

If you would like to be involved in Paris Correspondence School keep watching this space as I will be putting up details of my Paris address for you to send your postcards to.

Please note:

  • postcards can be personally made, simply bought and written on or modified. As long as it appears to me in a postcard format with your name on it, it can be anything.

  • Also I would like your contact details to then keep you informed about the project. This can be written on the postcard or emailed separately to me with details of what you have posted. My email address is

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Five Dials Number 8

Paris Correspondence School artist Emmett Walsh sent me a link the other day to Hamish Hamilton's monthly literary magazine Five Dials Number 8, an edition all about Paris. It's a great read and you can read it HERE

Here is a little more about publishers Hamish Hamilton:

Hamish Hamilton is one of London’s oldest publishing houses, founded by Jamie Hamilton in 1931. Home to authors such as J.D. Salinger, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus, W.G. Sebald and Truman Capote, our aim remains to publish the very best literary writers from around the world, from Alain de Botton to Zadie Smith.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

A little more info..

So the project continues - here is a little more info of where we're at so far...

A postcard exchange curated by Charlie Levine.

Artists include:

Calum F Kerr
Hayley Lock
Kira O'Reilly
Darren Banks
Martyn Cross
Vicky Cull
Samantha Voong
Jo Gane
Anna Francis
Caitlin Griffiths

The postcards designed by the above artists will be used as interventions around Paris during August whilst all artists and curators involved will write to each other using the postcards as well as alter them and re-send them on etc.

The postcards will then be exhibited in London in September in association with Minnie Weisz and in Birmingham in December at TROVE.